Geberit FLO Cistern package
Geberit FLO Cistern package Geberit FLO Cistern package
Geberit Sigma concealed cistern with Sigma50 dual-flush plate to maximise space in the bathroom.

A modern bathroom should have a Geberit cistern

Looking for the hidden secrets of modern bathroom design? Turn any bathroom into a piece of art with Geberit’s intelligent concealed cisterns and design flush plates. Since introducing the first concealed cistern 50 years ago, Geberit has become an essential element in bathrooms around the world. More than 60 million Geberit concealed cisterns have been installed globally, each one celebrating Swiss know-how and flawless design.

Design flexibility and space saving
Today Geberit provides the blank canvas every bathroom designer and renovator is seeking. By keeping the unsightly out of sight, Geberit’s concealed cisterns provide unlimited creative opportunities, helping you attain a sleek aesthetic and an exclusive bathroom ambience in even the most challenging spaces.

Wide product range to overcome design challenges
Available in mechanical, pneumatic and electronic version to suit either a wall-hung or a back-to-wall toilet pan, a Geberit cistern can be designed quickly and easily into almost any space — in the wall, in-vanity, in-duct elevated to the ceiling. The only visible part is a beautifully designed flush plate with your choice of sophisticated European designs, colours and finishes. What’s more, the cistern is made to fit any approved manufacturer’s toilet pan, giving you complete design freedom.

Peace of mind for your customers
Hassle-free servicing is guaranteed thanks to access through the flush plate without the need to demolish walls or break tiles. All cisterns feature a 3 or 4- Star WELS rating for sustainable bathrooms and are made from high-quality materials with extended warranty – 10 years on cistern tank - and spare part availability for 25 years.

Geberit Sigma 75 concealed cistern for inwall installation

The Geberit Sigma 75 concealed cistern is a perfect solution for in-wall installations with limited wall cavity space - it can fit into a 75mm cavity. It is designed for mechanical flush and can be fitted with any back to wall pan with 3 or 4 Star WELS rating.


  • Product code: 109.750.00.1 - 3 Star (6/3L)
  • Product code: 109.751.00.1 - 4 Star (4.5/3L)


Geberit Kappa concealed cistern for under counter/in-vanity installation

The Geberit Kappa Under Counter cistern (UP120) offers low construction height of 820mm, thus providing additional options for bathroom design. Perfect solution for in-vanty or under counter installation with an elegant, small size Kappa flush plate.


  • Product code: - 3 Star (6/3L)
  • Product code: - 4 Star (4.5/3L)


109.754.00.1, 109.755.00.1

Geberit Sigma 75 Pneumatic concealed cistern for remote installation

For challenging bathroom layouts where there is not space to fit a cistern in the wall behind the toilet pan we offer a solution. The Sigma Pneumatic cistern can be installed in a duct or in the ceiling in a remote position. The flush is pneumatic operated and the plate can be installed up to 3m from the cistern. Note: the cistern will require a separate access for servicing.


  • Product code: 109.754.00.1 - 3 Star (6/3L)
  • Product code: 109.755.00.1 - 4 Star (4.5/3L)


WELL - Water Efficiency Label

Geberit Sigma 120 concealed cistern (UP300/320)

Awarded the highest efficiency rating – the WELL Label Class A

Water Mark Lable

WaterMark and WELS

All Geberit cisterns have WaterMark certificate and WELS rating. Always make sure you macth the WELS rating of the toilet pan with that of the cistern.