LOTO Bidet Seat
LOTO Bidet Seat LOTO Bidet Seat LOTO Bidet Seat

- European U shape

- Range of Static Water Pressure 0.7-0.8 MPa

- Mains water only, Do not use grey of rain water

- Water heater included for warm water cleaning

- Self Cleaning nozzle

- Rotate flush lever to adjust and control wash

- Adjustable flush volume

- Aerated wash stream

- One key easy dissemble button

- Soft close seat

- Upper and lower mount lock

Technical Specification:

- Voltage:102V, 60H

- Rated power:960W

- Water supply pressure: 0.1-0.75MPa

- Water supply temperature: 5-35°C

- Ambient temperature:0-40°C

- Cleaning device water temperature:35°C/38°C