Methven Kiri Satinjet Hi Rise Height Adjustable Shower
Methven Kiri Satinjet Hi Rise Height Adjustable Shower Methven Kiri Satinjet Hi Rise Height Adjustable Shower

Hi Rise Shower

Kiri Satinjet® Technology

 Satinjet® technology delivers Sustainable Luxury

It's the unique Satinjet® technology that sets us spart from conventional showers. Conventional showers use single jets of water that can produce a narrow, neddle-like spray. Satinjet® uses twin jets of water that collide and turn into thousands of tiny droplets that feel soft enough for your face, yet strong enough for your entire body.

Satinjet® showers feature the unique, award winning Satinjet® technology. Satinjet® is a totally new way of using much less water in the shower, and enjoying it more. Satinjet® showers perform and feel very differently to other showers - you can see the difference. It took months and months of research, and then years of development, to create a totally new innovation in water. Twin jets of water are propelled to collide, fracturing the surface tension and creating thousands of tiny droplets per second of spray.


Satinjet® can save 50+% water and energy consumption, making extraordinary advances in the bathroom. Satinjet® saves the family of four over 100,000 litres of water & $100* + off energy bills per year. Methven Satinjet® showers meet the strictest water conservation requirements worldwide without compromising a truly great shower. At 9 litres per minute Satinjet® showers feel every bit as luxurious as a full flow shower without compromising the planet.

Compared to conventional showers, the savings are exceptional.

*Based on a 5 minute shower for a family of four. Energy savings vary according to gas or electric water heaters

It's easy to upgrade your bathroom with a Satinjet shower, even if you're not planning a full rebuild or renovation. The fittings on most showers are universal, so in most cases you can simply replace the showerhead with a modern Satinjet unit from Methven.

For a superior shower that saves you water and energy, look for for products with the Satinjet symbol. Satinjet®

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