Ryeze Terrazzo Stone Bath
Ryeze Terrazzo Stone Bath Ryeze Terrazzo Stone Bath Ryeze Terrazzo Stone Bath

Our beautiful Terrazzo stone bathtub is the perfect interior design piece to complement your aesthetic. Refined and elegant in its design, the bath suits the most luxurious bathrooms, allowing you to create your ideal space to relax. With Pietra Bianca, you will receive a statement piece you will love.

Each bath is crafted from a foundation of marble. Of the highest quality, the design melds its superior smooth surface with seamlessly clean lines, making a statement with your bathroom design. Complement your interior style with a glossy or matte finish with a variety of colours and create an elegant cohesion in your bathroom with our other product lines. Our Terrazzo stone baths are highly sought after by those looking for the best natural stone baths in Sydney.

For any bathroom redesign or new development, our marble products will last for decades. A dense material that is non-porous, our terrazzo baths combine striking marble with a epoxy resin composite. Resistant to cracks and breakage, the tub remains undamaged by high temperatures and corrosion. Its unique antibacterial formula deters stains, retains heat and is resistant to yellowing, for a top-quality design that will last for years to come.

The bathtub itself features a matching central plug placement for clean drainage and easy installation.

Weight Approx 120Kg

Bath Pictured is in Charcoal

Other sizes available